What is Scouting Health?

We’ve created a new project called Scouting Health.

Recognizing that the landscape of health care innovation is complex and vast, we sought to convene a team that would be able to assess the world’s conversation around a handful of key topics, identify the next-level areas for progress, and lock in on the innovators and ideas at the fringe – those Ns of 1, those aspiring for great things from their newly planted seeds.

By drawing attention among the innovator communities to these outliers and inspiring more aware, more capable patient communities – we seek to elevate the debate and advancements in these conversation areas.

Much more will be shared in the months ahead, but we were bursting to share a topic sneak peek with you! Each topic was carefully curated with our team to reflect an unknown area of connection to a central theme happening in today’s journal publications, media, and social dialogues.

Understanding how clinicians engage on health care costs.  We know healthcare cost is a hot topic and has been for over a decade. We’re scouting for innovations (approaches and tools) that engage clinicians in efforts to analyze, understand, and address the cost (vs. price) of health care.

Facilitating trust in patient-practitioner interactions. Navigating healthcare can be tough and first impressions matter! How does a patient make a decision to trust a clinician? How might a practice demonstrate trust to a patient before they meet in person? We’re scouting for innovations (approaches and tools) aimed at facilitating ways to amplify trust and eliciting and addressing patient preferences and life goals.

Community-based integration. Truly achieving health as an individual requires the communities at work, life, and school to be synced to a similar expectation of health. We’re scouting for innovations (approaches and tools) aimed at connecting and integrating health care across other, likely unexpected, service providers, industries, or stakeholders within a given community.

Supporting caregivers.  Within a few seconds, an internet search will swiftly point to the mountains of data around the hurdles those facing life as a caregiver encounter. What is changing the formula for their lives? We’re scouting for innovations (approaches at tools) aimed at providing support in all its forms (e.g. social, informational, skill building, respite) to “non-professionals” (often family or family surrogates) who provide care for individuals with health conditions.

We’re scouting the healthcare landscape to discover the most innovative and promising ideas for addressing critical issues in health care.

We’re then broadcasting the innovations to industry leaders, the media and the public to inspire conversations and change in health.

If you have a friend, colleague, or story you’ve heard of a group working to truly pursue a different way of doing something in these topics, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Further, if you are interested in sharing the story – to join us as one of our scouts – let us know your organization name and event idea via email. We’ll be in touch.

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