How do we engage clinicians in healthcare cost decisions? We’re searching for what helps create transparency, spurs meaningful discussions, and inspires new strategies for controlling costs.


What are we scouting? We’re searching for working concepts with proven potential, whether they’re overhauling an institutional model or are an outlier functioning at the fringe. We’re looking for health care innovators with bold ideas that promise deep impact.


Mapping Health Care Processes and Costs


Clinician impact

Medical schools

Spending waste

Clinician awareness


Our scouts have the ingenuity and expertise to spot the most promising advances in the field, no matter where they lay.

Jim Landman, HFMA

As Director of Healthcare Finance Policy, Perspectives and Analysis, Jim directs HFMA’s thought leadership efforts, which have covered value creation, payment reform, price transparency, and many other areas that drive healthcare organizational high performance.

Field Notes